20 Reasons Why You Should Not Exercise!

Yes, it’s true. Healthy Active Seniors is a site dedicated to baby boomers and seniors who want to age well, stay healthy and keep their independence. So why in the world would I post an article called “20 Reasons Why You Should Not Exercise”?

Because I get it. Most people hate to exercise. So I wanted to look at all the reasons why you should not exercise – while being a little cheeky. Maybe…if you recognize one or two excuses or see how silly some of the excuses are…well maybe you will be embarrass yourself (and do what I recently did – join the local gym!)

Grumpy LadyAnd trust me, I understand where you’re coming from!

20 Reasons You Should Not Exercise (Or 20 On Why You Should!)

So far I have collected 20 reasons from people like you (and me) on why some folks choose not to exercise. Do any of them sound familiar?

  1. I enjoy being stiff.

  2. I really don’t want to run around or keep up with my grandkids. Let them do their own thing.

  3. When I do give in and play with them for a few minutes, its okay that I can’t get back up off the floor. Since I’m down there anyway I may as well take a little nap.

  4. I really don’t care that I can’t walk up a flight of stairs without being totally out of breath half way up.

  5. It doesn’t matter that my clothes don’t fit anymore. Heck you can’t wash anything these days without it shrinking.

  6. That spare tire around my middle is perfect if I should choose to go swimming (which I won’t since that would be exercise!)

  7. I don’t really want more energy. I have gotten to use to napping several times a day.

  8. Yes I need help to get out of my reclining chair. So?

  9. Getting old is for the birds; there is nothing I can do about it anyway.

  10. Yes my balance was off a bit and I fell recently. No big deal. I don’t go out much anymore and hardly see my friends…but they just brag about all the places they go and all the fun they’re having. I don’t need to hear that.

  11. I’ve gotten used to my new walker. It’s not like I really need it but the little basket sure is handy for holding my Kleenex.

  12. I don’t need to go on any of those group trips either. Travelling these days has become such a hassle.

  13. I’ll save $60 since I won’t need to have my passport renewed now – although I had always planned to take the grandkids to Disney Land…

  14. I don’t walk to the local coffee shop every morning now. Yeah, I don’t hear the gossip but I save a couple of dollars a day.

  15. I seem to be remembering lots of things I used to enjoy doing such as gardening, shopping, dancing, and walking in the park… Oh well, everything has to come to an end sometime.

  16. The kids keep asking me to come for a visit. I keep telling them I saw them all last year.

  17. I quit smoking. What more do you want?

  18. It’s too late for me. What good would it do to start exercising now?

  19. If the truth were told, I may have to move out of my home soon. But independence is not all it’s cracked up to be anyhow.

  20. My neighbour has sure changed a lot lately. We used to sit and watch TV. Talk a little. But now she’s never home. Her daughter got her interested in this new fitness program and I just can’t stand listening to her anymore. All she talks about it how great she feels, how she has more energy, how she started doing things she hadn’t done in years. And now she’s actually planning a trip. Gee!


This active senior won't stop sporting even now that he is using a walker! Caricature of health sports disability ability getting older feeling young.Exercise. Who needs it?


Hopefully these excuses aren’t coming from you!

If you listen to the news and read the local paper or a magazine or two you will know that exercise can make all the difference in the world to your health and well being. Exercise is one simple life style change that can impact your longevity and independence.


What’s your excuse?

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It’s never to late to get moving – it’s a matter of enjoying your life as you get older and continuing to live on your own terms.