This photo is from 1958 and is proof I am a Baby Boomer!

That’s me in the middle – little ‘Miss Windsor’ – complete with top hat and beads.

Aug1958Screen Shot

Those were the days of putting on stage shows and parades, charging our parents 10 cents to watch us perform!

Since then I have had a great career in social work and writing. Now I am taking the time to focus on Healthy Active Seniors.

I have a passion for products and services that help each of us stay healthy, strong and most important of all…independent.

As baby boomers and seniors many of us share a fear of losing our independence.

  • We do not want to be dependent on our children for our care when we get older.
  • We do not want to have to move to some form of retirement home.
  • And some of us do not want to experience the same fate as our parents.
My interest in becoming a healthy active senior is due to a variety of factors: 
  • I watched my own mother’s physical and mental decline – a decline that was preventable.
  • I am a baby boomer on a path to be among the thousands of boomers who turn 65 each and every day.
  • I am a writer and researcher. I read the stats. I get it.

Healthy Active Seniors are “On the Road to Independence.” 

The Healthy Active Seniors approach is based on a three key factors:

  1. Staying active.
  2. Maintaining mental health, wellness and mindfulness.
  3. Recognizing that in addition to our health, our home is key to our long term independence.

Healthy Active Seniors embrace staying active and aging in place.

SMB_HeadShotWho am I?

I am a daughter, sister, mother, aunt, wife and grandmother.

I am a Baby Boomer.

I am also a researcher and writer. I see health on a continuum that includes a wide range of ingredients to achieve the results for healthy active aging.

I work with baby boomers and seniors who don’t want to get old!

I share the secrets to long-term health and independence.

Sixty and Me Featured Blogger Banner 2 - 300x300pxI am also proud to be a featured Blogger for a hugely popular website –  Sixty and Me.

This is About Me. I look forward to the journey and learning About You!