I have always wanted a section for my website where readers could go shopping for things that made life a bit easier.

At this point I know there a lot of great resources you might find useful – some will be free resources such as other websites and some will be products or services that may interest you.

For instance, my friend Jeffrey Kerr will soon be launching his new book, Barrier Free Real Estate – Achieving Freedom at Home. Jeff is a real estate broker who has a very interesting niche – he specializes in barrier free and accessible real estate. Once you understand the features he talks about, you’ll never look at your home again in the same way!

I am putting together a list of categories to include in the Marketplace. In the meantime, what products or services would you like more information on? Which ones would you like to see reviewed? What type of shopping would you like to do?

There will be links to home healthy care products, great exercise programs and equipment, resources for aging in place and making your home accessible – all of the topics that will put active healthy aging and long term independence within your reach.

So stay tuned while I develop the Marketplace!


Suzanne Mulligan-Born, Founder, Healthy Active Seniors