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Healthy Active Seniors will learn the secrets to long term health and independence.

We will separate the facts from the myths about the three critical elements needed to support seniors to maintain their health, wellness and independence:  physical activity and exercise; good nutrition; and home modifications or downsizing to enable seniors to live safely and comfortably in the home of their choosing.

I am a daughter, mother, grandmother…I am a Baby Boomer.

As a daughter I saw the crippling effects on my mother of her sedentary life style. After my father died she basically took to the couch, living a more and more reclusive life. She lived about 4 hours away and would not consider moving.

Christmas 2006 069Over time the muscle atrophy in her legs left her unsteady on her feet. She became a fall risk…and she was only in her 60’s.

When she misunderstood the directions for taking a drug to thin her blood – she took 5 mg. instead of .5 – she had to be hospitalized. By then it became apparent she could not live on her own until she got stronger.

She went into a beautiful private retirement home with the goal of staying one month until she regained her strength. Well, she enjoyed the social life so much she decided it was time to stay there full time and to sell her home.

She was social for a year, then began going down hill. Dementia was setting in.

She stayed in bed, had meals in her room and eventually the muscle atrophy was worse than ever. She needed a wheelchair and help to transfer.

I am sure you can see where this is going. She eventually entered a long-term care facility close to me. One night she was confused and tried to get out of bed by herself. She fell and broke her hip. She died about 6 weeks later.

This sad existence and eventual death was preventable.


Preventable, if she had only stayed mobile, flexible, strong…if only she had been more active and fought the atrophy with basic physical activity and simple exercise.

With the right information, my Mom could have stayed active, maintained good nutrition, fought the diseases and illnesses associated with aging such as osteoporosis, dementia, high blood pressure, diabetes… and she could have stayed in her own home longer.

As a grandmother I know how important it is to stay active – I want to play with my grandchildren, not have them hear that ‘grandma has to sit down now.’

And as a Baby Boomer I have become one of those statistics – I will be part of the silver tsunami – in a few years I will be among the thousands of baby boomers who turn 65 every single day (yes, 10,000 a day in the US and 1,000 a day in Canada!)

I have to fight the effects of being a writer – sitting in my chair far too long which has caused low back pain, mid back pain, neck pain! Muscles have shrunk, some have scar tissue, and some just don’t move the way they should.

The Surprising Secret To Aging WellI am passionate about spreading the news on topics that will help keep baby boomers and seniors active, healthy, strong and INDEPENDENT.

And I will be trying – just like you – to follow my own advice!

Suzanne Mulligan-Born, Founder, Healthy Active Seniors



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